Where is the track set trail?

by admin on March 19, 2017

I was craving a local ski run,  ie. almost at my doorstep. This trail along the river is within 1 km of my doorstep. So it is my new regular. I left my humble abode in Moncton and journeyed west, up the highway as they say in Canada’s Maritime provinces. Yes work took me in that direction. Always nice to be by the river or almost any river for that part. Sad though this trail is not track set by the National Capital Commission, the federal government agency that runs more of the park land around Ottawa. Crampons and Nordic walking poles were the order of the day to stay upright. This is what happens with a non-maintained trail that gets a lot of use. It becomes iced over. Still all that said it was scenic, quiet and fun to see spring trying to emerge. Always like winter though, something worth enjoying and hanging on to for a bit. DSC_0242

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