They said it was a flood plain

by admin on April 11, 2015

It has been a good day; I think we reached 8 degrees Celsius (okay maybe my expectations are low). There was bright sun for a while. I wandered around Irishtown Nature Park with a friend, enjoying the sun and the shadows through the forest.  There was a bit of wind today but that just made the time a little more interesting as we listened to the wind whispering through the trees. The warm sun and the wind will help melt all that snow pack we still have hanging on.

Indeed this evening, not having met my daily goal of 10,000 steps I headed over to Mapleton Park here in Moncton New Brunswick. It was obvious the melt had caused the creek to rise. The water was higher and the current faster than when I was in that park earlier this week. The downside though is both paths were blocked by high water. Now on a great trail in a national park I would continue on through but this evening I was feeling like an urban dweller and decided to not ford the newly formed pond. The ducks looked happy though!

The creeks have breached their banks. The creeks have breached their banks. reflections reflections

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