Sure signs of spring

by admin on April 9, 2015

I was out this evening in Irishtown Nature Park in Moncton, NB. I am getting more kilometres in now walking as I am converting from skiing to walking and other activities. The days are longer now so late walks can be done in the twilight. I was reminded of that this evening as I was out late. I was also reminded of the benefits of that time of day¬†– more wildlife. As I crossed the reservoir on the “Old Bouctouche” line I spotted a beaver under the bridge in one of the few patches of open water. Beavers do not hibernate but with heavy ice cover we tend not to see them. I took the sighting of a beaver in open water as sure sign of spring. As well this week I spotted heron in the salt marshes along Wheeler Blvd. I took this as another positive sign. On the flip side I saw a completely white hare this evening as well in the park; there was no rush to change colour there, oh well, it time.

I did not catch a picture of the beaver but I did get a quick one in of the sunset on the frozen reservoir. Hopefully this ice will soon be gone!

April sunset on the frozen lake April sunset on the frozen lake

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