Is the ski season over?

by admin on March 17, 2012

Well it was a warm St. Patricks day here in Moncton, New Brunswick. With double digit temperatures I decided to stay away from the ski hill. Extra incentives were number one son had the stomach flu and number two is recovering from a concussion. A hockey related mishap.

I headed to Mapleton Park here in Moncton. This is a flood prone area that thankfully was turned into a park. The main trail was almost entirely clear down to the base. Amazing for this time of year. The back trails were still snow covered.

It was an extremely warm day and I got by with a light wool sweater and no wind breaker. It was actually hot and I found myself standing out of the sun in the shadows to stay cool.

The warm weather brought out a number of folks so the trail was busy. I was nordic walking today and all in all it went pretty well. I can feel the difference going from skiing to nordic walking and recognized I need to put some miles in to get back to where I want to be. But my downhill season and the added cross-country skiing were helpful aside from just being a lot of fun.

I am still hopeful the ski season is not over and we will get another big dump of snow and couple more good weekends of skiing in with some mid-week cross-country runs. This may be a dream as it has been a very warm winter. I skiied every weekend so I cannot complain too much. Actually I think I would settle for one more good day!

Mapleton Park is great this time of year. The water in the creeks are high and the squirrels, nuthatches and chickadees are putting on a show. The perennial mallard ducks are there as well for all to see. This time of year you see the mixes of snow, conifers and the tall grasses blowing in the breeze.

The camera will accompany me on the next walk.

Hats off to Poley Mountain that did a great job keeping the hill open and trails in good shape despite a very tough season!

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